Are your drone(s) and pilot(s) certified? 

What do you use to film? What do you use to edit?

Yes! Our DJI Phantom 4 Professional drones are registered and compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration. Our drone operators, or remote pilots, are also FAA Part 107 certified. It is crucial to only hire FAA Part 107 drone operators, it is the LAW! Failure to do so (when hiring for commercial purposes & getting money in exchange for your services) could result in fines!


Currently we use DJI Phantom 4 Professional drones that are fully registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. After filming, all images and videos are edited using Adobe Premier Pro (for video) and Photoshop (for photos).

How long does filming take?

Depending on the project and how many photos/videos are needed, it could take from fifteen minutes to one hour. Weather also is a big factor when filming, we are unable to fly in certain weather conditions (rain,snow,fog,mist & high winds).

How high can you fly and what is the benefit of aerial photos vs standard photos & videos.

Per FAA regulations, our maximum is 400' above ground level, and we must maintain visual contact with the drone at all times. With aerial photography and videography, you can capture more in one photo or video than you would on the ground with a traditional camera. Not only is it cost effective, drones help produce immaculate photos and videos which can be used for many different purposes.


For example, Below is a comparison between a photo taken of a house on the ground compared to an aerial photo.